Saxon Switzerland National Park

Saxon Switzerland National Park, is a National Park in the German Free State of Saxony, near the Saxon capital Dresden. It’s a place full of long wandering routes and climbing possibilities. The rock formations common in this area make an unforgettable experience for anyone coming here. With its deeply carved valleys, chalky sandstone cliffs and table-mountains, this fascinating landscape is not found elsewhere in central Europe

In 2004, Saxon Switzerland or Sächsische Schweiz became an official UNESCO World Heritage site. If you can, time your visit for autumn. At that time, the colours are simply stunning. Summer and spring are equally great if you want to hike or cycle.

Nearly every part of the park consists of hills and mountains. Remember to wear comfortable sportswear. Special attention must be given to shoes – you will be doing lots of going up and down steep valleys and ravines.

Photos were taken on top of Lilienstein mountain and the area around the Bastei,  which was built in the 11th Century, it dominated the landscape for 3 centuries until burned by a besieging army in 1484. 

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